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New Items

DMC Diamant

A metallic thread with a brilliant effect.  The thread is soft and keeps its twist when used.  Available in 12 colours. 

Fil au Chinois

This is an Egytian cotton which can be used as a replacement for Brok threads.

Pella Linen

Available in No 40 and No 70.  Call for details.

Gutermanns No 50

This is available in a wide range of colours.  It is a replacement for Tanne 50.

Oliver Twist

We now have a range of the excellent Oliver twist hand dyed cotton threads.  YOU CAN NOW ORDER THIS ON OUR WEBSITE.

Square Bobbins

We now sell square bobbins in quantities of 10, 50 and 100.  These are in Lemonwood.  Please call for details.


Continental Bobbins

We have extended our range of continental bobbins.  The new types are (from top):  Le Puy and Bayeux and Old Dutch.  These are supplied in a polished light hardwood, and are available singly, and in packs of 10 or 50.