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Pins come in a variety of shapes and metals.

Traditionally pins are made from brass, and are yellow in colour.  Over time brass will oxidise and turn dark.  Also straw pillows or acid from your hands can quicken the process.  A small bag of emery powder can be used to clean brass pins.

Some pins are nickel plated brass, and these won't tarnish in the same way.  They have a shiny metallic appearance.  Don't use emery powder with plated pins, or the plating will eventually wear away.

Stainless stell pins are the strongest and won't tarnish.

We reccommend that you use pins suggested by your Lace teacher or pattern, but the following is a guide for different types of lace:

Torchon     26 x 0.65 mm
Honiton      30 x 0.5 mm or 26 x 0.53 mm or 26 x 0.55 mm
Bucks Point 30 x 0.5 mm
Milanese     26 x 0.53 mm

If you have any recommendations for other Lace types, please let us know by using our Contact page.

The choice of pin is a personal decision.  If in doubt we recommend asking at your lace group or class.

The pins shown in the picture are:

1. Duchesse 17x0.45mm
2. Ultra fine 38x0.4mm
3. Fine 30x0.5mm
4. Bridal and Lace 26x0.53mm
5. Fine 26x0.55mm
6. Medium fine 30x0.6mm
7. Short Flanders 34x0.6mm
8. Medium 40x0.6mm
9. Medium Torchon 26x0.65mm (Brass)
10. Medium Torchon 26x0.65mm (Nickel Plated brass)
11. Flanders 40x0.7mm
12. Bruges Flower Pins 26x0.75mm