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The standard English bobbin is the Midland Meridian bobbin.  This is a spangled bobbin, and is the most commonly used.  The bobbins are generally sold unspangled, and you can spangle them yourself to get the look and feel to suit you.  Spangling beads and wire can be bought separately.  Spangling is quite easy once you have practiced it a few times.  If you don't want to spangle your own, ready spangled bobbins are available with different coloured beads

The Tor bobbin is for use with Honiton lace, and is relatively small and not spangled.

There are four types of continental bobbin.  These are, in size order, Binche, Flanders, Bruges and Modern Continental.  These do not use spangles, as their size gives them extra weight.  As well as continental lace, these can be used for gimps as they hold more thread.  Modern Continental bobbins are very popular for making lace scarves.

The choice of wood is a personal decision.  Beech and lemonwood are popular for light coloured bobbins, and rosewood is the most popular dark wood.

Meridian bobbins are also available in a variety of others woods.